About Scotland’s Flyer

Image courtesy of Khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I appreciate that there are hundreds of thousands of people who write travel blogs, and hundreds of people who write blogs focused specifically on subjects of interest to frequent flyers.

However these are mostly from a US perspective, and for the few that are not US based, these seemed to be by people who live near a hub airport or have a more unique focus.

I am writing this blog to focus on trip reports from a Scottish perspective but also from a perspective as someone who does not live a hub airport.

I am to have a low throughput but high quality blog (you the readers will be the judge) so expect fewer articles, but hopefully each one will be of higher quality.

As well as trip reports, I shall also report on choice of credit cards and loyalty programmes from a UK perspective.

I work full time in the Scottish central belt, and try to have at least two long haul holidays per year and hopefully start to add in short breaks.

You the readers are my boss so leave suggestions of what you would like to see me blog on!

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